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Grand Marshal Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy was elected to the Town Council in 2013. He and his family moved to Sahuarita in 2003 as their final stop, culminating 42 years of combined military service for him and his wife Lynn.

Murphy is passionate about serving his community and public service. After retiring from the

USAF in 1995, he earned his Associate’s Degree in Business from the University of Maryland.

He then spent 14 years in service to his family. During this time, Murphy was actively

involved in his daughters' schools. He volunteered in classrooms, tutored disadvantaged

children, and was active in the PTA. Soon after moving to Sahuarita, he was elected to the

school board and has been serving on it since January 1995, with two terms as president.

In 2008 he took the opportunity to utilize his passion for the community working for the

Rancho Sahuarita Company as their Community Liaison and Community Director. Murphy

worked tirelessly and networked endlessly to pursue the shared vision of the town and the

award-winning master-planned community.

Murphy believes that furthering the economic development of the town is the key to making the town a place where everyone will want to call home. He resigned from his position with Rancho Sahuarita because he wanted to ensure that the residents of Sahuarita would know that he took a position on the Council for the benefit of the town and that any decision he makes will be what he truly feels is for the good the town. Murphy looks forward to serving the residents of Sahuarita with a focus on economic development, mutually beneficial relationships, and drawing all elements of our community together. He believes creating an atmosphere of communication and collaboration is vital to our growth and success.

Mr. Murphy was selected as Mayor of Sahuarita in December 2016.

The Tucson St. Patrick's Day Committee thanks Mayor Tom Murphy for his continued support of Southern Arizona!

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